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VORP/Community Mediation Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing free conflict resolution services to the courts, community and the schools. 

VORP is an acronym for Victim Offender Reconciliation Program.  By using trained volunteers, VORP brings victims and offenders together to resolve disputes.  Mediation is FREE, VOLUNTARY, CONFIDENTIAL, NEUTRAL, FAST and EFFECTIVE.  If you would like more information please contact VORP at 931-484-0972

You can make a difference!

Your continued support is needed to help provide equal and free access to resolve disputes.  Mediation is restorative justice that touches everyone and with your help either financially or with your time and talent we can work together to build a peaceful, safer community.  Mediation enables offenders to be held accountable while they restore themselves with society.  Mediation helps victims have closure and regain what was lost - control in their lives as well as restitution.  Mediation is about accountability, responsibility, and closure for those who participate.


VORP is a 501(c)3 non profit, all donations are tax deductible; or if you choose to volunteer your time or talent contact us at:

VORP/Community Mediation Center, Inc.

584 Highway 70 East

Crossville, TN 38555

931-484-0972 or e-mail: VORP Director



.: Peace Corner

Peace Corner is a project for young, elementary students to learn how to resolve disputes using restorative justice methods.  The purpose is to promote safe schools where students will learn conflict resolution skills to resolve disputes in non-violent, restorative ways.

Peace Corner training is provided free of charge to any elementary school in Cumberland County.  VORP staff will provide you with training manuals, resource disk to reproduce as many copies of the manual as you need, training video and skilled staff to assist you in implementing this program in your class or school.

How it works:

Peace Corner is any corner or space in a class room where students use six steps to resolve disputes that are simple and easy to implement, even with very young children (pre-K).  This project requires teacher involvement to implement the project, however as the children use and learn the Peace Corner skills they are empowered to eventually resolve the disputes on their own.

VORP also provides laminated posters with the six easy steps for any class room in Cumberland County, free of charge.




.: This project is funded by:


The City of Crossville

United Fund of Cumberland County

Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

NAFCM (National Association For Community Mediation)

Local Donations

City of Crossville


If you would like more information, would like to help support this project financially or would like to have the Peace Corner Project in your school, please contact VORP at:

484-0972 or e-mail: VORP Director




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